Tech Demo Installation

Please be advised that you need to be a Patreon of Command of the Sea & have a Player Account to be eligible to play!
Although we suggest that you download & install the game from here first, to check if it run’s smoothly on your system.

The actual Game Version is far from being a complete game, it’s only a tech demo, and at the moment it’s more like a hiking simulator with appealing visuals!
You might also check out our Youtube Channel beforehand, to get an idea about the actual state of development 🙂
(If you’ve just registered a new Player Account please give us at least 24h to enable it, as we’re doing this manually at the moment)

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 8 or better (64 Bit required)
6 GB of RAM
10 GB available Hard Disc space
Graphics Card GeForce 700 Series or better (or equivalent)

Please download the CommandOfTheSea Installation File from

After you’ve downloaded the CommandOfTheSea Installation File please unzip it with a program like 7 Zip ->

Open the unzipped Folder, doubleclick on the “CommandOfTheSea64_Install” Installation File and follow the Instructions of the Installer.

Launch Game:
Once the Installer has completed it’s work you’re ready to launch the game.
At the moment the game starts with the lowest graphic settings by default, you can adjust them to suit your needs with “SHIFT+F2”.
Please be advised that to actually PLAY the game you need to have an active Player Account (Register) and you also need to be a Patreon/Donator/Sponsor of Command Of The Sea (Sponsor Us).
At the moment just $1 “Lifetime Donations” would be sufficient for early contributors, although this entrance level will be raised as this project grows.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact us